"Our security for your safety!"

Argus Security International is a young dynamic company, which is lead by a driven and experienced close protection/security officer.

He had his American Close Protection training at Vance International, the company doing the close protection of Mrs Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the United States of America.

What does it mean for you?
That you as a customer are in safe hands and that we will do everything for you and your guests outside danger.

Argus Security International sees each contract separately and therefore spends a lot of time to reach a good and safe result.
You will be accompanied by close protection officers who are experienced and regularly retrained by the IACPO/ICPTA.

Our close protection officers also know from experience that close protection is a proper infringement on your personal life
and therefore they will do everything to make your life as pleasant as possible!

Is that just only for the Close Protection?
No, even for the regular security work we will work hard to make it as good and safe as possible.
As for the "ordinary" security our security officers will help you in word and deed to side and where necessary in tactful intervention.

What services we can offer, you will find in the service list.

Our motto is:
"Our security for your safety!"