Argus Security International BV has 2 directors:

Jeroen Jacobs:
Jeroen has worked for the Royal Family/House, the British & American Embassy in The Hague, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at various large Dutch and foreign events and therefore has extensive experience in the field of security.

He has followed various close protection & security training courses in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands and completed them with good results.

Jeroen speaks fluent Dutch, English and German.

Jeroen is also director of IACPO/ICPTA-NL, instructor and press officer of ICAPO/ICPTA worldwide.

Jeroen stands for safe & solid services.

Mirjam Snijder- van Veen:

has worked 8 years on a voluntary basis as a youth worker and also in the retail.

After that, she started working as a security guard at G4S, Connect Beveiliging and Sensecure, on event till hospitals.

After Mirjam decided to continue as a freelancer, she worked for Miedema assistance and HD Security. She also worked for the Kosovo Tribunal and World Forum in The Hague.

At the same time, Mirjam decided to take on a new challenge and look for a partner to set up her own security company. Mirjam is proud to say that this has become reality by becoming co-director & shareholder of Argus Security International BV!

Mirjam states that her work in security allowed her to gain experience, which brought her here.

Mirjam likes to make her personal contribution to colleagues and customers, that's who she is.

Together we are committed to:

"Our security for your safety!"