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The International Association for Close Protection Officers

IACPO Membership

-- Are you involved in any kind of professional Protection Service?
-- Are you working in the UK or abroad?
-- Are you a novice or veteran?
-- Then join the IACPO today!

If you are specifically involved in any form of Close Protection, whether in the UK or abroad, you will be interested in our new dynamic Industry Association - The IACPO. REGARDLESS of training or experience, country of origin or country of operation, IACPO Membership is open to ANYONE in the industry.

From Russia to the USA, from Iceland to South Africa, our aim is to represent thousands of professional CPOs worldwide. Whether a novice or veteran, this association is specific to Close Protection and aims to provide information on employment and training to the global bodyguard community.

Membership costs just 30.00 GBP (45,00 EURO)

There are 2 memberships and these costs € 45,00 (Gold Package) en €30,00 (Silver Package) a year; and includes:
- Member certificate (Gold & Silver).
- Member ID card (Gold & Silver).
- Member get listed on the IACPO website (Gold & Silver).
- Forum access to IACPO member area (Gold & Silver).
- Subscription to PROTECTION News Online. (Gold & Silver)
- Access to the membership section of the CP Forum at www.iacpo.org (Gold & Silver)
- 8% discount on all ICPTA courses (only Gold).