What is structural security, exactly?

These are structural measures that make a building more secure.

Structural measures can be:
- Secured and or reinforced doors,
- Safe doors,
- Safes,
- Halogen/LED Lamps with IR sensors and
- Lighting and similar

These measures should ensure that the thief pass your front and or back door and chooses another object.
Structural security is often a part of a package of measures.

Other parts of this package could be:
Mechanical -
Electronic -
Alarming -
Compartmentalising -
Restrictive (Take away) and -
Responding security.

All together they can be a successful security package. Argus Security International works in the field of architectural security together with Safe Factory Van den Hoven. Through this unique partnership Argus Security International can offer you a comprehensive security package.

An example of this security package is the WB Door. It's unique product can be placed inconspicuously and suitable in your home. We can also safes, safes doors and strongboxes for your home etc. supply.

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"A good architectural security gives a cosy atmosphere."