Are you looking for a stylish door and do not want make concessions on burglary? Then the WB door is the answer.

The WB door is suited to both interior and exterior and can fitted to your preference. Available in various panels, wood types and colors.

The doors are supplied with a door- and mounting frame and can be used in both existing and new buildings.

Behind the good looks of the door is a robust armouring with 14 locking points. This meets the door on the anti-burglary resistance class 4 according to the ENV 1627 standard.

Features of the WB door:
· Stylish design
· Custom made
· Excellent burglar resistance
· Multi-point locking

The WB door is excellent used in:
. Houses, villas, apartment complexes,
. Governmental buildings, utility buildings,
. Money counting rooms, archives,
. Banks, supermarkets etc.

The WB door is designed to your specifications. Whether it's a single or double door should be, with or without glass, right or the left, running inside or outside. Any desired model and size is possible. For finishing, you can choose from different design panels.
The WB door can be fitted with wooden design panels in any RAL color. The fittings of the door are available with brushed Stainless steel, copper, bronze or polished chrome.

The WB door complies burglary resistance class 4 of burglary norm ENV 1627. The steel door has 4 fixed bolts, 5 to 9 moveable locking points (depending on model), latch bolt and optional ajar exhibitor. The certificate cylinder-lock is protected by a security rose including core protection. The Digit implementation is electrically executed with a motorized lock.

Adjustable hinges with ball bearings ensure that the WB door is always running smoothly. The door is equipped with draft and sound sealing strips for a comfortable indoor climate. The spy with wide-angle lens allows you to see who's at the door.

The WB door is available as standard in a height dimension of 2100mm. The standard width is available in 3 sizes: 800mm, 850mm and 900mm. Other dimensions on request.
To adjust the WB door to your preference, several wood panels (with design) and steel panels are possible in any color. Below is a small sample of the design panels

The panels are available in various wood types. Below is a small selection of the woods:

A complete overview of the types of wood and design panels are available on request. It is also possible to deliver the wood panels in any RAL color

The WB door is available in 5 versions. These versions differ in the number of locking points.

Examples of WB House Doors:

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"A good architectural security gives a cosy atmosphere."