What does Event Security means?
Literally securing an event.

How will this practice in his work?
Ensure that the event goes well, without too many problems, like upsurges for example.

What kind of events can that be?
Boris who is honoured in the city of Maastricht, after he won the Dutch Idols or the Zomerparkfeesten in Venlo.

At all these events you'll find Event Security Officers (ESO), who are doing everything to make your event a success. So you can monitor the physical encounter in uniform but also undercover, according to your wishes. If you want detectiongates that can be arranged too. A good cooperation with the police is essential. In addition the ESO is there for your special to secure the special marketed field/area through extra rounds and that it is not be broken nor entered by uninvited guests.

"A well-protected event stands as a house."