Residential security is security of your private property.
The security can physically, architectural, mechanical and electronic completely tailor made and be decorated to your needs. It can be also part-time or full-time and remotely monitored.

The physical surveillance can be done inside and outside, either undercover or in uniform; conform your wishes. At events such as festivals, performances, concerts, etc. may include additional services such as: "Security with dogs, searchingnthe garden for explosives with the help of dogs, detection gates."

A good Residential security ensures that your potential opponent has it already difficultat the beginning. In combination with Close Protection (on Distance) the faster your opponent will be tempted to choose another victim. The more trouble he should do, the faster he will fail. A soft target is usually easier teasier to get, then a hard-target. And there are very good examples to give!

"A well-protected event is a magnificent feast."