Argus Security International BV has 1 director and 1 general counsel:

Jeroen Jacobs:
Jeroen has worked for the Royal Family/House, the British & American Embassy in The Hague, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at various large Dutch and foreign events and therefore has extensive experience in the field of security.

He has followed various close protection & security training courses in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands and completed them with good results.

Speaks fluent Dutch, English and German.

Is also director of IACPO/ICPTA-NL, instructor and press officer of ICAPO/ICPTA worldwide.

Jeroen stands for safe & solid services.

Olaf Palmen, general counsel:
In addition to his passion for security, Olaf has been working in the debt collection industry for many years. Olaf currently works at a medium-sized law firm as a collection specialist.

In addition, Olaf is active as a driver at the Animal Ambulance and as a steward at a large football club in the Eredivisie.

Olaf is a certified manager in Argus Security International BV through the police.

In addition to Dutch, he also speaks fluent English and German. In addition, Olaf also considers Limburgish as a language that he is fluent in.

With more than twenty years of experience in security and legal branch, Olaf can advise and assist you on behalf of Argus with all your security issues.

Together we stand for:

"Our security for your safety!"