What implies Close Protection?
Close Protection is personal protection of 24 hours per day, 7 days in the week; therefore continuously.

That has a considerable impact on your privacy, that of your family and probably also for your friends. How tight the protection is, depends entirely on the threat. But frequently it is this way that how heavier the threat how tighter the protection.

Close Protection can be done High-Profile, but as well Low-Profile. That is due to the threat, but it can be also the wish of the client. Sometimes it can work also preventive to be clearly present. And also the other way round!

Why Close Protection?
Because in this current time of brutal violence, heavy maltreatment, kidnappings and extortions etc. are the matter of the day.
Nevertheless, to do your work as good as possible Close Protection can be a perfect solution. The more you discourage your potential opponents, the better!

"Therefore prevention is better than been healed."