Usually people think that the dog and its handler be deployed in riots, upsurges or detection of a suspect in a building.
The K9 handler often attends events in support for outer-perimeter rounds, but also to check construction sites, port facilities, or as in combination with mobilesurveillance.

But the K9 dog can also be used for an event to search for example drugs or explosives. Searching a theater for explosives with a dog goes much more faster and accurate than by a person. A dog has a fore more better nose than humans and can find drugs and or explosives quicker.

The sheer presence of dogs can work very preventive, because many people are still impressed by the animal and take no riks.

Our K9 handlers have their statutory certificates such as the qualification Beveiligers 2 or ABM and the certificate or the KNPV NBVD as K9 handler, this is a man/dog statement from where it appears that the dog and the handler are a suitable combination. The dog is considered suitable for the security certificate if he has a certificate PH1 or Property of the KNPV or the certificate of K9 dog of the NBvD.

"A dog has a nose for it."