What exactly is risk analysis?
Analyzing risks. Risk analysis is part of risk management. A risk analysis is indeed the foundation for the development of a prevention policy. Before a systematic prevention policy can be developed, it is necessary to know what is going on in a company or threatening person in the field of wellness in the workplace or the environment. To know what risks the workers are exposed to or endangered and what preventive measures can help to avoid these risks, to reduce or to protect themselves against it. That's what risk analysis is.

Risk analysis implies that the company looks at:
whether there are dangers
whether these can cause damage
whether preventive measures can be taken
or what preventive measures will/must be taken.

This should be done at the level of:
the organization,
the workplace,
the individual (the employee).

In this way we obtain a complete picture of your company and can write a substantial riskanalysis for you.

"A substantial analysis avoids risks."