Uniformed Security is security of your business property and movable goods.
So that can be your office, shop e.g., but also your goods warehouse. This security can be done full time, physical, architectural, mechanical and electronic completely tailor made and be decorated to your needs. In addition, your object can be remotely monitored.

Physical surveillance can be either undercover or in uniform; conform your wishes. If desired detection gates can be placed, to counter undesirable inflow and outflow of goods. Additional protection of special places like areas with (high) sensitive equipment or (top) secret documents is also possible.

DIn addition, the Uniformed Security Officer (USO) walks at different times rounds in the building. After closing time the USO walks a fire and closing round with all irregularities reported and stated in a report. If a very dangerous situation occures, it will be immediately and professionally solved.

"An Uniformed security is gold worth."